Muscoli e respirazione orale

A polysomnographic study on masticatory and tongue muscle activity during obstructive and central sleep apnea..pdf
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Effects of mouth opening on upper airway collapsibility in normal sleeping subjects..pdf
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Electromyographic activity of the human Genioglossus muscle in response to respiration and to positional changes of the head..pdf
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Genioglossal activation in patients with obstructive sleep apnea versus control subjects. Mechanisms of muscle control..pdf
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Modulation of the stretch reflex of jaw-closing muscles in different modes and phases of respiration..pdf
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Muscle-building therapy in treatment of nasal valve collapse..pdf
Palatopharyngeus has respiratory activity and responds to negative pressure in sleep apnoeics..pdf
Respiratory activities in relation to external glossal muscles..pdf
Respiratory-related control of extrinsic tongue muscle activity..pdf
Respiratory-related discharge of genioglossus muscle motor units..pdf
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